Final Draft Egyptian Athletes Game


We are doing a game to shed a light on the difference in the treatment, status, and opportunities offered, between two athletes, one who plays football, and the other who plays wrestling. As football is the most well-known, and of interest to the people who lives in Egypt, other sports are usually not as fairly treated as football. Therefore, if you come to play our game, you will be first given the choice to step in the shoes of either, a football player, or a wrestler. After that, we will take you on a trip of exploring 20 different scenarios, one while you are a footballer and the other while you are a wrestler, and by that, you come to realize the difference between the lives of the two athletes in Egypt.

The link to the game:

We have changed a few things since the first draft. We added a few newer scenarios, added more links, fixed a few slides that were not linked correctly, and finally, linked the whole game together in the sense that when you play, you experience the 20 scenarios in one round, or turn.

The link to the first draft:


If I had more time I would have added more complicated scenarios and interviewed real athletes who suffer from these problems to make the game more realistic.


The most meaningful part of this game to me was exploring the suffering of the really hard working and talented Egyptian athletes who deserve much better treatment.



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