Final Reflection

In this post, I am going to briefly reflect on my journey in the digital literacy course through mentioning the 3 most important things I have learned, what helped me learn them and  my suggestions for improving the course.

To begin with I believe that one of the most informative parts of the course was the empathy and bias theme. I have learned a lot about feeling for other people and putting myself in their shoes, and understanding why they reach certain conclusions. What contributed the most to the learning process was the choose your own path games that we played in class and different assignments. I found this beneficial because the games were realistic, challenging and fun.

Another important part in the course in my opinion was learning about privacy on the internet. The essence of that part is that it discussed a very relevant matter in my everyday life which is how our patterns and usage of social media and different sites is analyzed and used against us. The videos that were used were very informative and helped me develop awareness in order to take care of the information I choose to put online, and what I look up on the internet.

The third most important thing on my list is getting familiar with blog posting. I am usually more of an observer on social media sites and I do not share a lot of posts, but having to do blog posts and tweets for different activities, having people commenting on them and sharing their ideas with me made it easier for me to post on other platforms like facebook and instagram and discuss different topics online.

Last but not least, I believe that the course could be improved through lowering the frequency of the assignments while making each of them weigh more. In addition, I believe that Soliya be either optional or done during the class time. In order to complete the soliya program I had to fit 8 extra hours over and above the course hours into my schedule, which is equivalent to 7 extra classes, and with the workload of the other classes and the presence of other commitments it can be really difficult to find the time and energy to attend all the sessions and be active.


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